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Rainbow Bubbles

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New Client
Hair Bundles

All bundles include  a haircut, Fix treatment and blow dry style

If a haurcut is not needed, it can be replaced with a detox treatment.

Transformaton Haircut  $135+

Whether it's a dramatic chop, volumizing layers, or a fresh style, we will create the perfect transformation. Plus, I'll share personalized styling tips to help you maintain your new look effortlessly at home. Say hello to your best self with our Transformation Haircut..

Refresh and Revive Signature Color $225+

designed to cover grey hair and refresh your roots with a custom color blend. This comprehensive service includes a personalized root touch-up, choice of mini highlight or all-over color, conditioning treatment, custom haircut, and  styling.

High Contrast Package $275+

where bold contrasts meet brilliance. This specialized service features expert highlights and lowlights for a stunning multi-dimensional look. Complete with toners, deep conditioners, a precision haircut, and  style. Elevate your style with hair that commands attention.

Light & Bright Blonde Package $300-$450+

This all-inclusive service includes expert highlights, balayaged ends, custom toning, deep conditioning treatemnt,  a precision haircut and style. Elevate your style and embrace your inner goddess with hair that shines bright.

Just the Rainbows Please $135-$250+

Ready to add vibrant pops of color to your bleached blonde hair? Our "Just the Rainbows" service is tailored for those with pre-bleached blonde locks. Whether it's bold rainbow ombre, pastel highlights, or a mermaid-inspired look, I will apply vivid colors to enhance your already blonde areas. Get ready to stand out with our "Just the Rainbows" service!

Rainbow Bright Package $275-$500+

I'll gently lighten your hair with bleach, creating the perfect canvas for vibrant hues. From bold rainbow ombre to delicate pastel highlights, deep conditioning treatemnt,  a precision haircut and style I'll craft stunning color effects that make you stand out. 


Returning Guest

Haircut $85+

Indulge in our haircut service, complete with a precision cut and professional blowout for a flawless finish.

Regrowth Touch-up $115+

Experience our color retouch service, expertly covering two inches or less of regrowth with a seamless color application, finished with a professional blowout for a polished look.

Partial Highlight $145+

 featuring foiled lightener strategically placed in front of the ears and throughout the crown, followed by a professional blowout for a radiant finish.Enjoy our partial highlight service, featuring foiled lightener strategically placed in front of the ears and throughout the crown, followed by a professional blowout for a radiant finish.

Full Highlight $180+

 foiled lightener blankets your hair from front to back, illuminating your locks with dimension and depth, all finished off with a professional blowout for a stunning result.

Global Lightening  $185+

Experience our global lightening service, designed to achieve the iconic Marilyn Monroe look by covering 2 inches or less of regrowth with lightener, followed by a luxurious blowout for glamorous, radiant hair.


LumiGloss Treatment $20+

Elevate your salon experience with our Lumigloss treatment, an enriching add-on featuring a healing express toner infused with nourishing panthenol and hydrolyzed wheat protein, leaving your hair healthy, soft, and vibrant..

Fix Repair Treatment $40+

Revitalize your hair with our Fix add-on service, featuring a proprietary green coffee hyperfermentation process rich in antioxidants to combat free radicals and prevent damage. With a bioactive peptide blend sourced from apples, kiwi, oranges, prickly pear, and sweet almond, Fix repairs damaged peptides, while optimizing hair pH for enhanced resilience against frizz and damage.

Toner/Gloss $40+

Enhance your hair color with our Toner/Gloss add-on service, perfect for toning out unwanted brassy hues or adding a glossy shine to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, leaving it vibrant and lustrous.

Mini Hightlight $75+

Elevate your color with our Mini Highlight add-on service, a perfect complement to any color treatment, featuring 8-10 strategically placed foils along the hairline and part line to add dimension and brightness to your look.

Scalp Detox $65+

Revitalize your scalp and hair with our Scalp Detox add-on service, expertly designed to eliminate mineral and product buildup, leaving your scalp refreshed and your hair rejuvenated.

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